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Preparing Food

How it all started

It all started with a passion- a passion and creativity for the love of great food. Justin Ray Culinary is a dream
come true for Justin Cunningham, who always had a dream of doing his own thing. Here he is, chasing his dream. Setting goals and putting his hearing difficulties aside to overcome every challenge faced. Yes, Chef Justin is Deaf, but that does not affect the quality of great food right in your home! "You don't need ears to cook!"

At Justin Ray Culinary, we don't have a physical location. We offer our services Just-in your home!

The shopping, preparation, cooking and clean up will all be done by our amazing Chef. We mostly offer smaller scale events or gatherings. Our service does not include the cost of groceries, and we will use your kitchen and equipment. Chef Justin Ray will provide the most important tools needed for your service. 

We promise to treat your kitchen as our own.

Contact us for a FREE consultation

Ever dreamed of hosting the perfect party without worrying about shopping, cooking and cleaning up? Justin Ray Culinary offers a selection of personal services catered to your specific culinary needs. Contact us today!

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Meet The Chef

Chef Justin Ray Cunningham brings his unique culinary talents to your residence!
Residing in Northwest Indiana, Chef Justin's first experience began cooking in the kitchen at a local restaurant in 2007. All his life being Deaf, he has faced every challenge and never failed to stop him from doing something he really loves.

From there, he showed a strong passion in creative cooking. He draws his culinary inspiration from his passion for uniting people through food.

Chef Justin began his professional career studying at Purdue University with a strong focus on culinary aspects and continuing his graduate education at Rochester Institute of Technology focusing on the next big thing: managing his own business.

Are you ready for a gourmet meal at your dinner table?

Contact Chef Justin for all your cooking needs.

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