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219 Street Dogs

Looking for something different? 

Try our delicious 219 Street Dogs menu

All food preparations are done in a commercial kitchen or the comfort of your home kitchen before being prepared and presented to your guests. All Items are made to order only. We will cook the items outside under our canopy tent (includes cooking equipment, chaffing dishes, disposable bamboo plates, silverware and napkins). 

This includes services for dinner parties, graduations, bridal or baby showers, celebrations of life, holiday events, realtors' open houses or any group larger than 25 people. Our menu starts at $20 per person. Find us set up locally around the Northwest Indiana Region and come try our delicious menu! Check our event page here for more information

Bacon Wrapped Dogs

The Original

onions + peppers + mayo + ketchup + mustard + side jalapeño


lettuce + tomato + mayo

Classic Chicago

onions + tomato + sport peppers + sweet relish + mustard + dill pickle

Coney Isle

meat chili + nacho cheese + caramelized onions


Miss Vickies Chips

jalapeño - sea salt - smokehouse BBQ - sea salt & vinegar 


Homestyle Mac'n'Cheese

savory white cheddar medley + cavatappi + buttery panko crumbs

Corn Elotes

summer corn + spicy crema

Walking Taco

meat chili + nacho cheese + lettuce + tomato + onion + sour cream


Coca Cola

Dr. Pepper


Diet Cola


Housemade Lemonade

Classic Lemon - Spicy Watermelon - Raspberry Mojito

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