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Looking for something different? 

Try our delicious burger and chicken or street dogs menu

Menu Items are made to order on-site at your event. We will cook the items outside under our canopy tent (includes cooking equipment, disposable bamboo plates, silverware and napkins). Please only choice a few selections as we do not prepare the whole menu.

Our menu starts at $15 per person. Find us set up locally around the Northwest Indiana Region and come try our delicious menu! Check our event page here for more information

Burger bar.jpg

DW's Burger & Chicken

Craft Burgers

Served on Brioche Bun

DW's Classic

lettuce + red onion + tomato + American cheese + DW sauce


poblano+ tortilla chips + avocado + chihuahua + pepper crema


caramelized onions + bacon + white cheddar + Cowboy sauce


bacon + lettuce + tomato + pepper jack cheese + garlic parm sauce


house bbq + baby greens + bleu cheese + horsey aioli


tomato + avocado + corn relish + pickled jalapeño & onion + baby greens + horsey-honey mustard

Black Bean (V)

tomato + avocado + corn relish + baby greens + horsey-honey mustard

Beyond Burger (V)

lettuce + red onion + tomato + American cheese + aioli

Kids Burger

ketchup + mustard + American cheese

Kids Grilled Cheese

American cheese

Chicken Paninis

Served on Ciabatta Bun

Southwest Chicken

spicy fire seasoning + crisp tortilla strip + baby greens + two cheeses +  southwest ranch

Chicken BLT

avocado + peppered bacon + baby greens + bacon aioli

Asian Crunch

almond rosemary + Asian slaw + chili peanut aioli

Chicken Salad

lettuce + pecans + golden raisins + provolone cheese + herb aioli

Oh Hot Honey!

lettuce + dill pickle + pepper jack cheese + hot honey​

Turkey Club

roasted turkey,  bacon + two cheeses, tomato + baby green + bacon honey mustard 

Tomato Mozzarella (V)

roasted peppers + roasted tomato + basil pesto + mozzarella + balsamic vinaigrette

Grilled Vegetable (V)

summer squash + red onion + olive tapenade + avocado + baby greens + feta + balsamic vinaigrette

Kids Nuggets

Ketchup or honey mustard sauce

(V) = Vegetarian

*Sides and drinks listed at bottom of page


219 Street Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Dogs

The Original Danger Dog

onions + peppers + mayo + ketchup + mustard + roasted jalapeño


lettuce + tomato + mayo

Classic Chicago Dog

onions + tomato + sport peppers + sweet relish + mustard + dill pickle + celery salt

Coney Isle Dog

meat chili + queso blanco + caramelized onions

German Dog 

potato salad + kraut  + frankfurter


barbecue + cheddar + scallions

Kids Steamed Dog (no bacon)

ketchup + mustard


Miss Vickies Chips (V)

jalapeño - sea salt - smokehouse BBQ - sea salt & vinegar 

German Potato Salad

baby red potatoes + bacon + red onion + sea salt + white pepper + herb aioli


Homestyle Mac'n'Cheese (V)

savory white cheddar medley + cavatappi + buttery panko crumbs

Corn Elotes (V)

summer corn + spicy crema

Walking Taco

meat chili + queso blanco + lettuce + tomato + onion + sour cream + Frito scoops


Coca Cola

Dr. Pepper


Diet Cola


Housemade Lemonade

Classic Lemon - Spicy Watermelon - Raspberry Mojito

(V) = Vegeterian

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